Individualize multifunctional devices

Individually developed apps

Make a difference and gain advantage against your competition. Read further to learn why and how...

For your customers

You are a Xerox Partner or Agent and in need of an individual app for your customer? We develop after a comprehensive analysis of requirements a winner App for you. Following to that, we realize the rollout or onboarding of the app to you or your customer.

Your Benefit

Offer your customers more than just Managed Print Services and help them to optimize their workflows. The result will be a stronger customer loyalty and long lasting success! You have an idea, but not the technical know-how? Our developers help you out. We deliver support pre and post sales.

Development Process

An application passes diverse stages until it is finally installed on the multifunctional device and brought into service. Our specific development process was extensively proven by Xerox and subsequently certified.

Xerox App Gallery

A choice of completely developed and published apps of Xerox, e-dox and other developers can be found at the Xerox® App Gallery. Browse through the assortment, whether the appropriate app was already developed for your customer.

About Us

Since 2002 Specialist for Managed Print Services | Since 2008 active in App Development
Xerox Authorized Developer & Personal Application Builder

For not less than 25 years we work with Xerox. We started in the 1990s with the sale of printing systems and that was followed by the offer of digitization services and workflow optimization. Eventually, at the level of individual development of apps for Xerox multifunctional devices, we have experienced every developmental stage since the beginning. We look back on a long lasting track record and experience with the Xerox technology as well as the business processes with Xerox.

Our expert knowledge lays the foundation for a professional and trustful collaboration.

Our Winning TEAM

Marcus Putschli

As co-founder ans CEO of e-dox, he has the overview of everything and knows where the journey is heading to. His daily job is to arrange things that we are delivering first class solutions to our partners.

Marko Thieme

Senior Developer
For more than 5 years at e-dox and continuously in contact with our customers – so he knows, how the different enterpreneurial needs look like and how so solve them programmatically in no time at all.


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