Apps for your customers

Apps for your customers

You are a Xerox Partner and looking for an individual app for your customer needs? After a comprehensive analysis of the requirements of your customer we develop a concept together with your staff. Then we realize the app for the multifunctional device of your customer.

Xerox multifunctional devices are real all-rounders.
Thanks to the enhanced ConnectKey technology, which is implemented in over 14 intelligent multifunctional printers of the i-series, paper based and business critical processes can be accelerated and versatile collaborations can offer your customer more efficiency.

Arguments that convince:

productivity iconHow-to leverage your customer’s productivity

At your customer’s enterprise are numerous potentials to optimize the workflow. Through the use of the advantages of an app, daily recurring tasks can be automized and do not have to be manually executed by users.


multifunctional device iconThe multifunctional device accomplishes the work for you

Daily accounting and case specifical document mapping are just some of the tasks, which can be solved by the MFP automatically. The spectrum serves all document related processes, which can be shortened and solved for the user through the help of digitization and the MFP.



Individuality is our strengthstrength icon

Every customer resp. every business has specific processes, which cannot be generally implemented with pre-built apps in certain cases. This is where we are entering the game. With our know-how and our programmatic skills, we adapt pre-built apps to you and your customer’s specific needs or – if necessary – develop the app from scratch.


Do you have questions about app development? Maybe already have an idea for an app? We are happy to advise you without obligation. Our team will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to be contacted by phone, please include your phone number in the message field.