Contact Us App Ausschnitt

How the Contact Us App for Xerox Partners works

The Contact Us App for Xerox Partners A short time ago, we introduced the new Contact Us App. This new feature offers many advantages for Xerox end customers in the everyday use with their multifunctional printers and guarantees rapid access to important information like serial number, counters, and important telephone numbers of Xerox contact persons. Read more about How the Contact Us App for Xerox Partners works[…]

2017 mit smartphone und Ideen

New year, new projects

< e-dev /> starts with news project expectations into 2017 The new year has just begun and we start with major plans into it. Our challenging plan is to introduce at least one app at a quarter and to publish it at the Xerox App Gallery. Also we are curious whether Xerox turns it announcement, the biggest product launch of the Read more about New year, new projects[…]

Xerox Authorized Developer Logo

Successfully certified as Xerox Authorized Developer

We can officially call ourselves Xerox Authorized Developer Last week, we got the positive message from Xerox after dozens of trainings and seminars: we are one of four enterprises worldwide, which is officially certified to call themself Xerox Authorized Developer. Xerox’ part was it to check the qualification of employees, the compliance of security standards, Read more about Successfully certified as Xerox Authorized Developer[…]

Daumen nach oben mit 5 Sternen


Welcome to our Web Presence as Xerox App Developer. < e-dev /> is a spin off from e-dox AG from Leipzig in Germany, which has its specialization in the app development for Xerox multifunctional printers. Right now, we are passing the final steps of the extensive certification process from Xerox to be officially allowed to Read more about Welcome[…]