Successfully certified as Xerox Authorized Developer

We can officially call ourselves Xerox Authorized Developer

Xerox Authorized Developer Badge

Last week, we got the positive message from Xerox after dozens of trainings and seminars: we are one of four enterprises worldwide, which is officially certified to call themself Xerox Authorized Developer.

Xerox’ part was it to check the qualification of employees, the compliance of security standards, the customer orientation and the conformity with the requirements on the software developing process.

Besides Xerox itself, Southern Solutions from Maryland (U.S.), Foxway from Sweden and Beltrão Coelho from Portugal, we are the only developers from Germany, who participate in the Xerox Personalized Application Builder (PAB) program.

The PAB program bundles all tools from Xerox, which are necessary to integrate needs, requests as well as complex business processes in one software solution, which fits businesses perfectly. The Xerox App Studio, the SDK (Software Development Kit) for MPS, the workflow software FreeFlow and the Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) are belonging to these tools.

With those utilities, our longtime know-how about MPS and document management plus continuous feedback discussions with our customers, we develop easy-to-use and intelligent applications for you and your end customers to be well-equipped for the future.

We thank Xerox for the shown trust and are very glad about the certification!
Are you interested in an individual app solution for your customers or do you have an app idea, which you want to add to your offering? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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