Development Process

Development Process

An application passes different stages until it is finally installed on the multifunctional device and brought into service. Our specific development process was extensively proven by Xerox and subsequently certified.

Since September 2016, it is official and we have successfully accomplished the certification as a Xerox Authorized Developer. Our longtime established development process was critically observed by Xerox and a wide scope of different critera like customer orientation, usability, security and many more were proven.

Just a few steps to success:

requirement icon1.    Level: Analysis of Requirements

Together with you and your customer we determine the requirements for the application needed. Which process steps can be automated by the multifunctional device? How should the app look like, so that the best possible benefits from it will support the work of your customer’s business and deploy the ideal potential.


appdesign icon2.    Level: App Design and Development

After the level of requirement analysis, the app will be designed, developed and consistently tested. When it passed the final testing, we provide you and your customer the services of app.


Do you have your own idea, already?idea icon

You already know what solution is needed for your customer and what his or her requirements are for an app? So please do not hesitate to contact us! With our expertise of developing and the implementing apps. After the successful development and testing, your app can be offered branded with your name in the Xerox App Gallery, so you can increase your turnover and make longlasting customer retentions.


Do you have questions about app development? Maybe already have an idea for an app? We are happy to advise you without obligation. Our team will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to be contacted by phone, please include your phone number in the message field.