Your benefit

Your benefit as a Xerox Partner

You have an idea, but not the technical skills? Our developers can’t wait to help you with the implementation. Serve your customers with more than just a standard Managed Print Service and help them to optimize their workflows.

As a Xerox Partner, it is your goal to offer your customers more value and strengthen your customer loyalty, right? You – we as well – see more in the Xerox MFPs than just a printer, copier and scanner?!

Examples: Two apps and their benefits

Info App IconYour customer has everything at a glance with our Info App

The Info App for your customers offers a clearly arranged compilation of your contact details, the serial number and the page counter of the multifunctional devices.
Everything important will be shown on the MFP’s display with just one click. So, your customers can get easily and straightforward hold of you and have all necessary functions and information ready for you.


Scan to anywhereScan to Anywhere App Icon

With our product series Scan to nywhere, the storage location of your scan and desired parameter will be determined.
In this connection a schema of daily iterating processes will apply and run automatically through the multifunctional device.



Value-added for Your customers, Value-added for YouNutzen Icon

These apps are just the beginning, but they offer you and your customer great time savings. For instance the tedious searching for telephone numbers or the serial number of the device are eliminated and further in-between steps like renaming documents, saving to the correct location as well as informing responsible contacts does not have to be accomplished manually anymore.
This added value is for your customer a real gain and strengthens your customer loyalty for a great long-term relationship.


Do you have questions about app development? Maybe already have an idea for an app? We are happy to advise you without obligation. Our team will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to be contacted by phone, please include your phone number in the message field.